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1900/65A Datasheet GE / Bently Nevada Monitor

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    Bently Nevada
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    United States
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    General Purpose Equipment Monitor

Bently Nevada 1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitor

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GE / Bently Nevada


24-bit ADC conversion

Four vibration/position/speed inputs

Four temperature inputs

Configurable scale factors and full scale ranges

Internal OK checking with status

Independent Alert and Danger setpoints

200-entry event list

Six relay output

Relay operation is programmable

Buffered outputs for each transducer channel

Four configurable 4-20 mA recorder outputs


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The Bently Nevada 1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitor is designed to continuously monitor and protect equipment that is used in a variety of applications and industries. The monitor's low cost makes it an ideal solution for general-purpose machines and processes that can benefit from continuous monitoring and protection.

The 1900/65A provides four transducer inputs and four temperature inputs. Software can configure each transducer input to support 2- and 3-wire accelerometers, velocity sensors or proximity sensors. Each temperature input supports Type E, J, K, and T thermocouples, and 2- or 3-wire RTDs.

The 1900/65A provides six relay outputs, four 4-20 mA recorder outputs, and a dedicated buffered output. The user can use the 1900 Configuration software to configure the relay contacts to open or close according to the OK, Alert and Danger statuses of any channel or combination of channels, and to provide data from any variable from any channel on any recorder output. The dedicated buffer output can provide the signal for each transducer input.