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3500/32-01-00 (149986-02+125720-02) Bently Nevada

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    Bently Nevada
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    United States
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    4-Channel Relay Module

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3500/32M 149986-02 100% Brand New Original Stock 


GE / Bently Nevada


The 4-Channel Relay Module is a full-height module that provides four relay outputs. Any number of 4-Channel Relay Modules can be placed in any of the slots to the right of the Rack Interface Module. Each output of the 4-Channel Relay Module can be independently programmed to perform needed voting logic. Each relay utilized on the 4-Channel Relay Module includes "Alarm Drive Logic". The Alarm Drive Logic is programmed using AND and OR logic, and can utilize alarming inputs (alerts and dangers) from any monitor channel or any combination of monitor channels in the rack. This Alarm Drive Logic programming uses the 3500 Rack Configuration Software to meet the specific needs of the application.


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1.Invensys Foxboro: I/A Series system, FBM (field input/output module) sequence control, trapezoidal logic control, accident recall processing, DAC, input/output signal processing, data communication and processing.

2.Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control system, the most modern fault-tolerant controller based on triple modular redundancy (TMR) structure.

3.Westinghouse (Westinghouse): OVATION system, WDPF system, MAX1000 system spare parts.

4.Rockwell Allen-Bradley: ICS TRIPLEX、Reliance Ryan, SLC 500/1747/1746, MicroLogix/1761/1763/1762/1766/1764, CompactLogix/1769/1768, Logix 5000/1756/1789/1794/1760/1788, PLC-5/1771/1785, etc.

5.Schneider Modicon: Quantum 140 series processors, control cards, power modules, etc.

6.ABB: Industrial Robot Spare Parts DSQC Series (No. 2, No. 3, No4, No. S4C, No. S4C, IRC5),

7.Bailey INFI 90, etc.

8.Siemens (SIEMENS):Siemens MOORE, Siemens Simatic C1, Siemens CNC system and so on.

9.Motorola (Motorola): MVME 162, MVME 167, MVME1772, MVME177 and other series.

10.XYCOM:I/O, VME board and processor.

11.GE FANUC (GE FANUC): modules, cards, drives and other spare parts.

12.Yaskawa (ochuan): servo controller, servo motor, servo driver.

13.Bosch Rexroth (BOSCH Rexroth): Indramat, I/O module, PLC controller, drive module and so on.

14.Woodward (Woodward): SPC valve position controller, PEAK150 digital controller.

Bently Nevada 3500/32M 149986-02 System Relay Module



GE / Bently Nevada


3500/32M 149986-01


New and Original with Excellent Condition

Product Family

330180-90-05, 1900/65A,138607-01,3500/94M

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