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  • What is Distributed Control System DCS?
    What is Distributed Control System DCS? October 14, 2021
    As the name implies, the DCS is a system of sensors, controllers, and associated computers that are distributed throughout a plant. Each of these elements serves a unique purpose such as data acquisition, process control, as well as data storage and graphical display. These individual elements communicate with a centralized computer through the plant’s local area network – often referred to as a control network. As the ‘central brain’ of the plant the DCS makes automated decisions based on production trends it sees them in real-time throughout a plant. As an example the DCS at a power plant might automatically increase steam generation capacity of multiple turbines in order to keep up with changing demand for electricity during hot Summer days and then decrease it as outdoor temperatures cool overnight and demand subsides. Whereas a PLC could adjust a single unit operation, the DCS can make adjustments to each of a plant’s many interacting unit operations. In recent years, the use of smart devices and field buses makes distributed control system (DCS) to be prominent in large and complex industrial processes as compared to the former centralized control system. This distribution of control system architecture around the plant has led to produce more efficient ways to improve reliability of control, process quality and plant efficiency. Nowadays, distributed control system has been found in many industrial fields such as chemical plants, oil and gas industries, food processing units, nuclear power plants, water management systems, automobile industries, etc. DCS Systems from Different Vendors Some of the available DCS systems include ABB- Freelance 800F and 800 xA Yokogawa- FIO System Honeywell-TDC 3000 EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS - Distributed Control System EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems Emerson- Delta V Digital Automation Siemens- Simatic PCS 7 Do you have related inquires ? If yes , please contact me by  [email protected]
  • Are you interested of Honeywell Brand
    Are you interested of Honeywell Brand October 11, 2021
    IOM block type IOM model number IOTA model number IOTA description 7 IOTA supported FTAs or ancillary cards AI-HL Cx-PAIN01 Cx-TAIN01 AI, Non-redundant None Cx-TAIN11 AI, Redundant None AI-HL Cx-PAIX01 Refer to Attention Cx-TAIX01 AI, Non-redundant None Cx-TAIX11 AI, Redundant None Cx-GAIX11 AI, GI-IS non-redundant MTL-4541 MTL-4575 Cx-GAIX21 AI, GI-IS redundant MTL-4544 AI-HL Differential/ Single-ended CC-PAIX02 CC-TAIX01 AI, non-redundant None CC-TAIX11 AI, redundant None Cx-GAIX11 AI, GI-IS, non-redundant MTL4541 MTL4575 Cx-GAIX21 AI, GI-IS, redundant MTL4544 CC-TAID01 AI, non-redundant None CC-TAID11 AI, redundant None AI CC-PAIN01 CC-TAIN01 Analog Input, Non-redundant, no differential, 4-20 mA only None CC-TAIN11 Analog Input, Redundant, no differential, 4-20 mA only None AI-LLMUX Cx-PAIM01 Cx-TAIM014 (note 1a) LLMUX, non-redundant, non-coated Mx-TAMT04 Mx-TAMR04 Mx-TAMT14 AI-LLAI Cx-PAIM51 Cx-TAIM51 LLAI, non-redundant, non-coated None Honeywell DCS System Experion PKS C200 Honeywell TC-IAH16I 2 Analog Output, 8-Point, Current/Voltage Module Honeywell TC-OAV081 RTD Input, 6-Point Module (Isolated) Honeywell TC-IXR061 24 VDC, 32-Point Discrete Output Module Honeywell TC-ODD321 High Level Analog, 16-Input, Voltage and Current (10 V & 4-20 mA) Module Honeywell TC-IAH161 Thermocouple Input, 6-Point Module Honeywell TC-IXL061 Standard (non-redundant) Power Supply Modules Honeywell TK-FPDXX2 Redundant Power System Chassis Adaptor Honeywell TK-FXX102 Ethernet Specialty I/O Module Honeywell TK-FTEB01 51309512-175/51403483-100 Battery Extension Module Honeywell TK-PPD011 51309241-175/51204142-100 IOLIM (I/O Link Module), Interface for PMIO. Honeywell TK-IOLI01 51403427-175/51309283-600 Redundancy Honeywell TC-PRR021 Redundancy Module Honeywell TK-PRR021 51309288-275/51309283-300 Controllers Honeywell TC-PRS021 Controller C200 Control Processor Honeywell TK-PRS021 51404305-275/51309283-200 ControlNet Interface Honeywell TC-CCN013 CC-PDOB01 Honeywell CC-PDOB01 Analog Input, Redundant, 16 ch Honeywell CC-TAID11 High Level Analog Input with HART Honeywell CC-PAIX02 High Level Analog Input with Differential non-HART I know you are interested with these products, send e-mail to me: [email protected] you will get charming price.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
    Mid-Autumn Festival September 18, 2021
    September 18th is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Our company held a grand event in the company. Every employee also prepared a variety of interesting prizes.In the next 2 hours, everyone participated in the competition and basically took away the prizes wanted. The luckiest one is our Tiffany. She won the awards and finally won the biggest award - Swarovski necklace, congratulations to her, next year we also hope that everybody can make persistent efforts to strive for greater award sharing. If you want to know more. pls e-mail me: [email protected] now Don`t hesitate. come on Bently Nevada 3500/92 Communication Gateway Module Bently Nevada 1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitor
  • Moore Automation Limited National Holiday
    Moore Automation Limited National Holiday October 01, 2021
    National Day is a legal holiday formulated by a country to commemorate the country itself. They are usually the independence of the country, the signing of the constitution, the birthday of the head of state or other significant anniversaries; Some are the saint's day of the patron saint of this country. Although most countries have similar anniversaries, due to complex political relations, this festival in some countries can not be called National Day. For example, the United States has only independence day and no national day, but the two have the same meaning Meanwhile, We brought big promotion for as below products: Pls click manager Tiffany`s e-mail: [email protected] Bently Nevada Series: 3500 Series Monitor system Bently Nevada 3500/22M 138607-01           Bently Nevada 3500/22M 146031-01 Bently Nevada 3500/22 125768-01              Bently Nevada 3300/25 Bently Nevada 3500/25 125800-01              Bently Nevada 3500/25 149369-01 Bently Nevada 3500/20 125744-023500/25   Bently Nevada 3500/32 125712-01 Bently Nevada 3500/32M 125720-01            Bently Nevada 3500/32M 149986-02 Bently Nevada 3500/33                               Bently Nevada 3500/33 149992-01 I/O Module Bently Nevada 125720-01                            Bently Nevada 125760-01 Bently Nevada 133442-01                            Bently Nevada 125840-01 Bently Nevada 133396-01                            Bently Nevada 125800-01 Bently Nevada 133323-01                            Bently Nevada 135137-01
  • Friendly Partners Visit DCS-MODULE Company
    Friendly Partners Visit DCS-MODULE Company May 08, 2021
    Due to virus, we received a nice customer video call meeting from Pakistan. He's new client. Their purpose this time is to discuss with the goods, the price, the delivery date, etc. It is a pleasant end to the meeting and look forward to more cooperation opportunities.
  • Pricing available of BENTLY NEVADA
    Pricing available of BENTLY NEVADA October 08, 2021
    PLEASE CONTACT Tiffany`s e-mail [email protected] FOR CURRENT PRICING AND LEAD TIME. The Proximitor*/Seismic Monitoris a 4-channel monitorthat accepts input from proximity and seismic transducers, conditions the signal to provide various vibrations and position measurements, and compares the conditioned signals with user-programmable alarms. You can program each channel using the 3500 Rack Configuration Software to perform the following functions: > Radial vibration* > Thrust position* > Differential expansion* > Eccentricity* > REBAM* > Acceleration* > Velocity* > Shaft absolute* > Circular acceptance region* The monitor channels are programmed in pairs and can perform up to two of the aforementioned functions at a time. For example, Channels 1 and 2 can perform one function while channels 3 and 4 perform another or the same function. The primary purpose of the 3500/42M Proximitor*/Seismic Monitoris to provide the following: n Machinery protection by continuously comparing monitored parameters against configured alarm setpoints to drive alarms n Essential machine information for both operations and maintenance personnel Each channel, depending on configuration, typically conditions its input signal to generate various parameters called static values. You can configure alert setpoints for each active static value and danger setpoints for any two of the active static values Bently Nevada 3500/34 TMR Relay Module Bently Nevada 3500/40M Proximitor Monitor Bently Nevada 3500/32 4-Channel Relay Module Bently Nevada 3500/33 16-Channel Relay Module Bently Nevada 3500/32 3500/33 149986-01 Bently Nevada 3500/42M 3500/20 125744-02 Bently Nevada 3500/20 3500/90 125728-01 Bently Nevada 3500/50 3500/42 125672-02 Bently Nevada 3500/15 3500/42M 140734-02 Bently Nevada 3500/25 125768-01 Bently Nevada 3500/92 126615-01 Bently Nevada 128229-01 125736-01 Bently Nevada 125720-01 125840-01 Bently Nevada 125760-01 128240-01 Bently Nevada 133442-01 125760-01 Bently Nevada 125840-01 TK3-2E Bently Nevada 133396-01 330180-91-05 Bently Nevada 125800-01 330180-50-05
  • ABB S800 I/O  Special introduction
    ABB S800 I/O Special introduction September 30, 2021
    S800 I/O S800 I/O is a comprehensive, distributed and modular process I/O system that communicates with parent controllers over industry-standard field buses. Thanks to its broad connectivity it fits a wide range of process controllers from ABB and others. By permitting installation in the field, close to sensors and actuators, S800 I/O reduces the installation cost by reducing the cost of cabling. And thanks to features such as hot swap of modules, on-line reconfiguration and redundancy options, it contributes to keeping production -- and thereby profits up. S800 I/O features include: Comprehensive coverage Flexible configuration and installation Ease of set up Reliability and accuracy HART pass-through Redundancy also on I/O module level High Integrity I/O modules certified to SIL3 High accuracy time tagging Defined outputs at communication errors I/O modules with Intrinsic Safety interfaces The S800 I/O can be categorized into: • Module Termination Units (MTU) • I/O modules – S800 I/O modules and S800L I/O modules. S800 I/O modules are designed to be used together with a Module Termination Unit. S800L I/O modules are designed to be directly mounted on a standard DIN rail. The module also contains terminals for connections. Professional sales representative  : Sandy Lin  +86-18020776786     Email : [email protected] 3BSE031155R1 BC810K02 3BSE020512R1 AI801 3BSE018103R1 CI853K01 3BSE008516R1 AI810 3BSE030220R1 CI854AK01 3BSE052604R1 AI815 3BSE018106R1-800xA CI855K01 3BSE008544R1 AI820 3BSE026055R1-800xA CI856K01 3BSE036456R1 AI825 3BSE018144R1-800xA CI857K01 3BSE040662R1 AI830A 3BSE018135R1-800xA CI858K01 3BSE051306R1 AI835A 3BSE032444R1 CI860K01 3BSE028925R1 AI843 3BUA000037R1 CI862K01 3BSE023675R1 AI845 3BUA000111R1 CI862K02 3BSE039293R1 AI880A 3BSE040795R1 CI865K01 3BSC690071R1-800xA AI890 3BSE043660R1 CI867K01 3BSC690141R1-800xA AI893 3BSE048845R1 CI868K01 3BSC690086R1-800xA AI895 3BSE056767R1 CI871K01 3BSE020514R1 AO801 3BSE051129R1-800xA CI872K01 3BSE038415R1 AO810V2 3BSE056899R1 CI873K01 3BSE052605R1 AO815 3BSE066485R1 PM851AK01 3BSE008546R1 AO820 3BSE066490R1 PM856AK01 3BSE045584R1 AO845A 3BSE066495R1 PM860AK01 3BSC690072R1-800xA AO890 3BSE018157R1 PM861AK01 3BSC690087R1-800xA AO895 3BSE018160R1 PM861AK02 3BSE022366R1 CI801 3BSE018161R1 PM864AK01 3BSE038540R1300-800xA CI801KIT 3BSE018164R1 PM864AK02 3BSE020520R1 CI810B 3BSE031151R1 PM865K01 3BSE025255R1 CI820V1 3BSE031150R1 PM865K02 3BSE041882R1 CI840A 3BSE050198R1 PM866K01 3BSE031694R4000-800xA CI840KIT 3BSE050199R1 PM866K02 3BSE020508R1 DI801 3BSE053241R1 PM891K01 3BSE022360R1 DI802 3BSE053242R1 PM891K02 3BSE022362R1 DI803 3BSE020510R1 DO801 3BSE008508R1 DI810 3BSE022364R1 DO802 3BSE008552R1 DI811 3BSE008510R1 DO810 3BUR001454R1 DI814 3BUR001455R1 DO814 3BSE069052R1 DI818 3BSE013258R1 DO815 3BSE008512R1 DI820 3BSE069053R1 DO818 3BSE008550R1 DI821 3BSE008514R1 DO820 3BSE036373R1 DI825 3BSE013250R1 DO821 3BSE069054R1 DI828 3BSE069055R1 DO828 3BSE013210R1 DI830...
  • DCS Module is creating Excellent Performance
    DCS Module is creating Excellent Performance September 07, 2021
    Our mission is to offer the highest quality at the most affordable prices to our customers via well-disciplined sense of work, to provide the best services by appreciating the value of your time, and to win your confidence.  Honesty, Transparency and Respect Financial and Social Responsibility Customer Orientated Commitment to Excellence Creative and Well-qualified Staff Members Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Wide Range of Products and Services Sustainable Growth Institutionalism Globalization  If you want to know more, Tiffany are online for you always. E-mail now: [email protected]
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