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Tricon EcoStruxure™ Triconex Safety Systems Oct 25, 2021

The Tricon™ platform is the gold standard in safety instrumented systems.

Based on industry-leading Triconex™ triple modular redundant (TMR) technology, Tricon has logged more than one billion hours with no failure on demand. The Tricon system is certified by TÜV Rheinland for use in safety applications up to Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3). It is also marine-certified and nuclear 1E-certified.
Communications and integration
Online module replacement to ensure continuous operation and plant availability
Integration with EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS and all major distributed control systems (DCSs)
Comprehensive family of I/O modules
Up to 254 nodes of peer-to-peer communications
Achilles Level 1 cybersecurity certification

Built-in diagnostics and redundancy management — transparent to user
Easy diagnostics for status and fault analysis
Online modifications and changes, online module replacement and hot spare slot for continuous production without halting operations
Full set of software tools for every stage of the safety life cycle (TriStation™ suite)

What is the Tricon?
The Tricon is a state-of-the art controller that provides fault tolerance by means of Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture. TMR integrates three isolated, parallel control systems and extensive diagnostics in one control system. The system uses two-out-ofthree voting to provide high-integrity, error-free, uninterrupted process operation with no single point of failure.
A Tricon system is composed of a main chassis and up to 14 expansion or remote expansion (RXM) chassis. The maximum system size is 15 chassis supporting a total of 118 I/O modules and communication modules that interface with OPC clients, Modbus devices, other Tricons, and external host applications on Ethernet (802.3) networks, as well as Foxboro and Honeywell distributed control systems (DCS).

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Model No

Chassis Assemblies

Main Chassis, High Density Configuration, includes the Tricon printed manuals


Expansion Chassis, High Density Configuration


Remote Expansion Chassis, High Density Configuration


Power Modules

120 VAC/VDC – 175-Watt Power Module


24 VDC – 175-Watt Power Module


230 VAC – 175-Watt Power Module


Main Processor Modules

3008 Main Processor, 16 megabytes DRAM


Communication Hardware and Software

Tricon Communication Module (TCM), Ethernet (802.3) and serial (RS-232/RS-485) ports

4351A, 4352A,
4353, 4354

Enhanced Intelligent Communication Module (EICM), serial (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485) ports

4119, 4119A

Safety Manager Module (SMM), Honeywell UCN Interface


Network Communication Module (NCM), Ethernet (802.3) ports

4329, 4329G

Digital Input Modules

115 VAC/VDC Opto-Isolated, Non-Commoned

TMR 3501E/3501T

48 VAC/VDC Commoned in Groups of 8, Self-Test

TMR 3502E

24 VAC/VDC Commoned in Groups of 8, Self-Test

TMR 3503E

24/48 VDC High Density, DC Coupled

TMR 3504E

Pulse Input Differential, AC Coupled

TMR 3511

Digital Output Modules

115 VAC Opto-Isolated, Non-commoned

TMR 3601E/3601T

120 VDC Opto-Isolated, Non-commoned Opto-Isolated, Non-commoned
Opto-Isolated, Commoned


24 VDC Opto-Isolated, Non-commoned

TMR 3604E

24 VDC Opto-Isolated, Commoned, Supervised

TMR 3624

24 VDC Supervised/Non-Supervised, Commoned

TMR 3625

24 VDC Opto-Isolated, Commoned

Dual 3664

Relay Output Non-triplicated, Normally Open

Nontriplicated 3636R/3636T

Analog Input Modules

0-5 VDC Differential, DC Coupled

TMR 3700A

0-5, 0-10 VDC Differential, Isolated

TMR 3703E

0-5, 0-10 VDC Differential, Isolated

TMR 3704E

Thermocouple Differential, DC Coupled

TMR 3706A

Thermocouple Differential, Isolated

TMR 3708E

0–5 VDC Single-Ended

TMR 3720

0 to 5 or –5 to +5 VDC Differential, DC Coupled

TMR 3721

Analog Output Modules

4-20 mA Current Loop, DC Coupled

TMR 3805E

4-20 mA and 20-320 mA Current Loop, DC Coupled

TMR 3806E

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