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  • Bosch Rexroth Factory of the Future Jan 12, 2022
    Bosch Rexroth Bosch Rexroth AG is an engineering firm based in Lohr am Main in Germany. It is the result of a merger on 1 May 2001 between Mannesmann Rexroth AG and the Automation Technology Business Unit of Robert Bosch GmbH, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. Bosch Rexroth employs over 31,000 people worldwide, and achieved total revenue of 6.2 billion euro in 2019. Products a...
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR'S DAY Dec 31, 2021
    HAPPY NEW YEAR'S DAY New year's day, that is, January 1 of the Gregorian calendar, is commonly known as the "new year" in most countries in the world. Yuan is called "beginning", and the beginning of every number is called "Yuan"; Dan is called "day"; "New Year's Day" means "initial day". "New Year's Day" usually refers to the first day of the first month in the calendar. In China, the word "New Y...
  • Modicon Dec 28, 2021
    Modicon Modicon IIoT-native edge controllers manage complex interfaces across assets a nd devices or directly into the cloud, with embedded safety and cybersecurity. Modicon provides performance and scalability for a wide range of industrial applications up to high-performance multi-axis machines and high-available redundant processes. Modicon PLC The Modicon Family of PLCs stands for innovation, ...
  • Yokogawa Electric Dec 20, 2021
    Yokogawa Electric Corporation Yokogawa Electric Corporation is a Japanese multinational electrical engineering and software company, with businesses based on its measurement, control, and information technologies. It has a global workforce of over 19,000 employees, 84 subsidiary and 3 affiliated companies operating in 55 countries. The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constit...
  • Foxboro DCS Dec 14, 2021
    Foxboro DCS The distributed control system (DCS) used to represent the whole world of the process industry application it monitored and managed. However, in recent years, the larger worlds of enterprise and business levels, Ethernet networks, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud-computing services have been leaning into the DCS, linking to its components and accessing its data. A...
  • What is Servo Motor Dec 09, 2021
    What is Servo Motor A servomotor is a rotary actuator or linear actuator that allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration. It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback. It also requires a relatively sophisticated controller, often a dedicated module designed specifically for use with servomotors. Servomotors are not a specific cl...
  • Touch-screen HMI Dec 08, 2021
    Touch-screen HMI Touch-screen HMI display is a high performing monitor for industrial use Moore Automation  has introduced this high-performing HMI display to monitor machines, perform tasks, and visualise operational status. This HMI provides a 7" control panel screen, can be employed as a stand-alone device, offers multi-communication ports, a fluent touchscreen, and exceptional communicati...
  • Development of automation Dec 07, 2021
    Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical treatment, service and family. The adoption of automation technology can not only liberate people from heavy physical labor, some mental labor and bad and dangerous working environment, but also expand human organ functions, greatly improve labor productivity and enhance ...
  • GE Mark v Turbines Control Card Dec 07, 2021
    What Is Mark V Gas TURBINE Control Card? The SPEEDTRONIC™Mark VGas TurbineControl System is the latest derivative in the highly successful SPEEDTRONIC™series.The SPEEDTRONIC™ Mark V Gas Turbine Control System employs current state-of-the-art technology, including triple-redundant 16-bit microprocessor controllers, two-out-of-three voting redundancy on critical control and protection parameters and...
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