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  • What is a safety PLC?
    What is a safety PLC? July 08, 2023
    Sales Manager E-mail WhatsApp Skype Sandy [email protected] 86-18020776786 onlywnn_1 What is a safety PLC? Safety PLCs support all the applications of standard PLCs. The difference is that, while standard PLCs have a single microprocessor, to which manufacturers often add safety functions using relays, safety PLCs use redundant microprocessors. This eliminates the need for safety relays. Each input circuit in a safety PLC has an associated output circuit so that errors in the system, such as short circuits, ground faults and channel mismatches, can be detected. Safety PLCs have two core functions; to reduce the chance of a fault and to shut the system down safely if a fault occurs. A safe and systematic shut down is important in circumstances where an instant shut down could cause harm to users or equipment, such as if a robotic arm is holding an item in mid-air. A safety PLC can ensure the robotic arm places the item down securely before shutting down, while the remainder of the system shuts down instantly. Safety PLCs that offer additional functions are now available. For example, ABB was the first to develop a safety PLC with integrated condition monitoring. This means the system can monitor the status of brakes on moving equipment by measuring vibration levels, which reduces the risk of collisions. Is it for me? The upfront costs of safety PLCs are higher than those of standard PLCs. Therefore, if the safety system is basic, such as one emergency stop button and a light curtain, it may be more cost effective to use a standard PLC with a safety relay. However, safety applications become more complex when more than three inputs must be monitored and controlled or when communication over a digital network is required. At this point, engineers should consider safety PLCs, which would integrate all control and safety functions and save costs on hard wiring. Because safety PLCs don’t need as much hard wiring, they are much easier to modify than standard PLCs. A modification only requires programming changes rather than wiring changes or additional relays. As a result, manufacturers can be more flexible, which makes it easier to adapt to industry developments, internal changes and customer demands. However, engineers may be less familiar with safety PLCs due to their very recent introduction into the industry. While this should not deter manufacturers from adopting the technology, training should be factored into the implementation plan. Also, like with the iPhone 14, manufacturers should consider the features they want from a PLC’s user interface. Because safety is a priority, safety PLCs do not offer high-level language programming features like structured text. For more information on PLCs, PACs or IPCs, browse our extensive range of parts today. ☞☞  Click here to get the best quoteEmail: [email protected] Related Items we have in stock GE IC694DNM200 ABB SDCS-IOB-21 3BSE005176R1 GE IC693MDL930 ABB GJR2393200R1210 88TK05C-E BENTLY NEVADA 12...
  • The Dragon Boat Festival
    The Dragon Boat Festival June 21, 2023
    Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday which falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, which is in late May or June on the Gregorian calendar. In 2023, Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 22 (Thursday). China will have 3 days of public holiday from Thursday (June 22) to Saturday (June 24). Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four top traditional Chinese festivals, along with the Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival. Why Is Dragon Boat Festival So Important? Many believe that Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated to commemorate the eatdh of Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet, and minister known for his patriotism and contributions to classical poetry, who eventually became a national hero. Dragon Boat Festival customs can be roughly divided into two categories. One is to worship the god of dragon and heroes, such as Qu Yuan. The activities include dragon boat races and eating glutinous rice dumplings. 1. Eating Sticky Rice Dumplings 2. Participating In or Attending Dragon Boat Races 3. Hanging Chinese Mugwort and Calamus
  • Happy Father's Day
    Happy Father's Day June 17, 2023
    Although it's not recognized as a federal holiday, Father's Day is celebrated each year on the third Sunday in June. How do people celebrate Father's Day? People celebrate the holiday by showing dads they appreciate them through gifts, taking them out to eat or just simply spending time with them. MOORE wishes all mothers in the world a happy Father's Day Contact: Sales manager: Tiffany Guan Email : [email protected] Mobile/whatsapp: + 86 18030235313 Skype: dddemi33 SIEMENS 16413-16-01 ICS TRIPLEX T8431 SIEMENS 6ES7315-2AH14-0AB0 ABB SB822 3BSC760019E1 Yokogawa ADV551-P53 S2 AB 1797-TB3 SCHNEIDER BMXART0814 ABB FAU810 AB 1797-IE8NF B&R 8AC110.60-2 HIMA F3330 80173-109-01 AB 1762-L40BXBR AB 1769-L36ERM ETM-IS31-001 GE IC200CHS001 EPRO PR9376/010-011 ABB XO08R2-A4.0 GE IC200ALG326 EMERSON A6120 HONEYWELL 51202329-102 GE IC200MDL940 6SN1123-1AA00-0HA1 AB 1769-OF8C GE IC200MDL640 6SN1123-1AA00-0AA2 AB 1769-PA4 GE IC695CHS012 6SE7090-0XX84-0AD1 AB 1769-ECR Expo ETM-IS31-001 6SL3217-0CE27-5UA1 AB 1769-IQ16 ABB DI810 3BSE008508R1 6SL3217-0CE25-5UA1 AB 1769-OB16 SIEMENS 6AV2123-2GB03-0AX0 6FC5111-0BA01-0AA0 AB 1769-IF8 B&R 8V1016.00-2 6AV6645-7AB10-0AS0 AB 1783-ETAP2F Bently Nevada 3500/72M 140734-08 6AV7422-2FD03-0AS0 AB 1756-PA50 HONEYWELL 51199942-300 6FC5500-0AA00-2AA0 Bently Nevada 330180-90-00 B&R 8AC120.60-1 6ES7621-1AD02-0AE3 Bently Nevada 3500/42M 176449-02 GE IC697PWR724 6AG4104-1AA02-1BX0 Bently Nevada 3500/32 125712-01 AB 1783-ETAP1F 1FK7063-5AF71-1FB5 Bently Nevada 3500/40M 176449-01 AB 1606-XLS240EA 6FM2805-4AS31 Bently Nevada 133396-01 AB 1771-P7 6FC5370-2AT02-0CA0 Bently Nevada 128229-01 5X00034G01 6FC5370-6AA30-0WA0 Bently Nevada 125720-01 ETM-IS31-001 6SN1118-0DH21-0AA1 EMERSON IC086SLM082
  • ABB	RDCU-12C 3AUA0000036521----- New and Original
    ABB RDCU-12C 3AUA0000036521----- New and Original June 10, 2023
    We are professional ABB RDCU-12C 3AUA0000036521 Suppliers from China Sales manager : Tiffany Guan                Email: [email protected] Mobile / WhatsApp  : + 86 18030235313 Skype : dddemi33 General Information Product ID:3AUA0000036521 ABB Type Designation:RDCU-12C Catalog Description:RDCU-12C; CONTROL UNIT Long Description:RDCU-12C GE IC695ETM001 Bently Nevada 133442-01 ABB YPN107A GE IC695RMX128 Bently Nevada 135489-04 ABB YPQ102F GE IC695PSD040 Bently Nevada 3500/60 163179-01 ABB DSAI130 ABB AI810 3BSE008516R1 Bently Nevada 3500/50M 286566-02 ABB YPQ201A AB 1769-OF4 Bently Nevada 330101-00-36-10-01-00 ABB 3BSE000435R1 CS513 Bently Nevada 3500/62 136483-01 Bently Nevada 330173-00-04-10-02-00 ABB 3BSE003827R1 CI532V02 SIEMENS 6SL3040-0MA00-0AA1 Bently Nevada 330103-00-08-10-02-00 ABB DSPC172 ICS TRIPLEX T8403 Bently Nevada 330103-00-05-10-02-00 ABB DSCS140 57520001-EV SIEMENS 6ES7972-0BA52-0XA0 Bently Nevada 330104-08-16-10-02-00 Bently Nevada 133819-01 SIEMENS 6ES7972-0BB52-0XA0 Bently Nevada 330730-040-00-00 Bently Nevada 136483-01 Bently Nevada 330180-90-05 Bently Nevada 330130-045-03-00 EMERSON KC4011X1-BA 1 SIEMENS 6ES7223-1BL32-0XB0 Bently Nevada 330130-040-01-00 6DD1683-0CH0 EMERSON PR9268/617-100-CNS Bently Nevada 16710-10 6DD1600-0BA1 EMERSON PR9268/200-000 Bently Nevada 16710-06 6DD1661-0AE0 EMERSON PR9268/201-100 Bently Nevada 16710-14 6DD1661-0AD0 SIEMENS HC202500/0XX0XM5 HONEYWELL CC-PDIL01 6DD1640-0AH0 SIEMENS 6AV6647-0AH11-3AX1 HONEYWELL 8C-TDODB1 Triconex 3503E Bently Nevada 3500/42M 176449-02 YOKOGAWA VI702 Triconex 3805E Bently Nevada 133819-01 Bently Nevada 330106-05-30-10-02-05 HIMA F7553 Bently Nevada 140471-01 ABB RDCO-01C HIMA F6217 Bently Nevada 3500/60 163179-01 ABB RDIO-01 HIMA F7126 Bently Nevada 3500/60 163179-01 ABB RMBA-01 Yokogawa ALR121-S51 S1 Bently Nevada 3500/62 163179-03 ABB AINT-14C Yokogawa AAI143-S53 S1 Bently Nevada 3500/22M 138607-01 AB 1786-RPA EPRO PR6423/002-030 VIPA VIPA314-6CF02 AB 1786-RPFM ABB NDCU-04
  • Bently Nevada 3500/22M 138607-01 Interface Module
    Bently Nevada 3500/22M 138607-01 Interface Module June 02, 2023
    Bently Nevada 3500/22M 138607-01 Interface Module If you are searching for it, we may be able to provide from our vast inventory of surplus, or locate one using our network of resources. Description The 3500/22M Transient Data Interface (TDI) is the interface between the 3500 monitoring system and compatible software (System 1 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic software and 3500 System Configuration software). The TDI combines the function of a 3500/20 Rack Interface Module (RIM) with the data collection capability of a communication processor such as TDXnet. The TDI resides in the slot adjacent to the power supplies of a 3500 rack. It interfaces with M series monitors (3500/40M, 3500/42M, etc.) to continuously collect steady state and transient dynamic (waveform) data and pass this data through an Ethernet link to the host software. Refer to the Compatibility section at the end of this document for more information. Static data capture capability is standard with the TDI. However, using an optional Channel Enabling Disk will allow the TDI to capture dynamic and high-resolution transient data as well. The TDI incorporates the communication processor function within the 3500 rack. Sales manager : Tiffany Guan                  Email: [email protected] Mobile / WhatsApp  : + 86 18030235313 Skype : dddemi33 Triconex 3503E ABB YPP109A 6DD1640-0AH0 Triconex 3805E ABB DSTA131 6DD1600-0BA1 HIMA F7553 ABB YXI116A 6DD1661-0AE1 HIMA F6217 ABB DSTD150A Yokogawa SDV541-S63 HIMA F7126 ABB DSTD110A HONEYWELL DC-TAIX01 Yokogawa ALR121-S51 S1 ABB DSTD108L AB 1756-L71 Yokogawa AAI143-S53 S1 ABB YXI115B AB 1756-RM2 EPRO PR6423/002-030 CON021 ABB DSMB178 AB 1756-L73 ABB NDCU-04 ABB 3BSE018283R1 CI522A SIEMENS 6SL3224-0BE37-5AA0 ABB NKTU01-15 ABB YPN107A SIEMENS 6SE6440-2UD31-8DA1 ABB 5SHX0845F0001 ABB YPQ102F AB 1771-IFE/B BentlyNevada 330180-91-CN ABB DSAI130 BentlyNevada 170180-01-05 BentlyNevada 330780-90-00 ABB YPQ201A BentlyNevada 133819-01 BentlyNevada 133442-01 ABB 3BSE000435R1 CS513 ABB YPQ202A BentlyNevada 135489-04 ABB 3BSE003827R1 CI532V02 ABB DSDO110 BentlyNevada 3500/60 163179-01 ABB DSPC172 ABB DSDI120A BentlyNevada 3500/50M 286566-02 ABB DSCS140 57520001-EV ABB DSDI110A BentlyNevada 330101-00-36-10-01-00 BentlyNevada 133819-01 ABB DSCS131 BentlyNevada 330173-00-04-10-02-00 BentlyNevada 136483-01 ABB DSMB176 BentlyNevada 330103-00-08-10-02-00 EMERSON KC4011X1-BA1 ABB YPK107E BentlyNevada 330103-00-05-10-02-00 6DD1683-0CH0 AB 1746-NI8 BentlyNevada 330104-08-16-10-02-00 6DD1600-0BA1 AB 1746-NI16V BentlyNevada 330730-040-00-00 6DD1661-0AE0 AB 1746-NI16I BentlyNevada 330130-045-03-00 6DD1661-0AD0 AB 1746-OV16 BentlyNevada 330130-040-01-00 6DD1640-0AH0 AB 1756-PA72 BentlyNevada 16710-10 BentlyNevada 16710-06 AB 1756-OB16D
  • ABB	TU830V1 3BSE013234R1 Extended Module
    ABB TU830V1 3BSE013234R1 Extended Module May 29, 2023
    ABB TU830V1 3BSE013234R1 Extended Module Contact us Email : [email protected] General Information Product ID:3BSE013234R1 ABB Type Designation:TU830V1 Catalog Description:TU830V1 Extended MTU, 50V Long Description:Extended Module Termination Unit 2x16 signal terminals. MTU, 2x16 signal terminals Channels : 16 Voltage : 50V Mounting detail : 55 ºC (131 °F) Use with I/O : AI810, AI815, AI820, AI830, AI830A, AI835, AI835A, AI843, AI845, AO810, AO810V2, AO815, AO820, AO845, AO845A, DI810, DI811, DI814, DI830, DI831, DI840, DI880, DI885, DO810, DO814, DO815, DO840, DO880, DP820 and DP840 Process connections : 56 Dimensions Product Net Depth / Length:64 mm Product Net Height:120.5 mm Product Net Width:110 mm Product Net Weight:0.2 kg Call us immediately and we will be at your service 24 hours a day Email : [email protected] Mobile/whatsapp: + 86 18030235313 Skype: dddemi33 ABB 3AXD50000032633 HONEYWELL CC-PDOB01 EMERSON KJ3204X1-BA1 ABB HIEE300927R0001 HONEYWELL MC-TDOY22 3BHB004661R0101 KUC711AE   ABB HIEE300936R0001 HONEYWELL MC-TSIM12 3BHB004661R0001 KUC711AE   ABB COM0011 HONEYWELL MC-TAMT04 3BHB000272R0001 UFC719AE01   ABB HIEE300885R0101 FOXBORO FCP270 P0917YZ 3BAB002916R0001 UFC721AE   ABB HIEE300885R0001 ICS TRIPLEX T8403 HIEE300927R0001 UBC717AE01   ABB 3BHB002916R0001 BentlyNevada 3500/60 163179-01 HIEE300885R0001 PPC380AE01   ABB 3BHB00652R0001 BentlyNevada 136711-01 HIEE300936R0001 UFC718AE01   ABB 3BHB000272R0001 BentlyNevada 330130-045-03-00 3BHB000652R0001 KUC720AE01 ABB 3AXD50000028861 BentlyNevada 16710-20 SST SST-PB3-CLX ABB 3BHB004661R0001 BentlyNevada 16710-06 Triconex 3700A ABB DCS401.0230 BentlyNevada 16710-10 Triconex 3008 BentlyNevada 3500/62 163179-03 BentlyNevada 330101-00-76-05-01-00 Yokogawa ADV551-P50 BentlyNevada 3500/60 163179-01 BentlyNevada 330130-040-00-CN Yokogawa ATA4S-00 S2 BentlyNevada 133827-01 BentlyNevada 330130-070-00-05 Yokogawa ATD5A-00 S1 BentlyNevada 3500/60 163179-01 B&K VIBRO VC-1100 C11 Yokogawa SB401-50 S1 EMERSON KJ3208X1-BA2 B&R 7DM465.7 HIMA F7126 B&R 7CP476.60-1 AB 2711P-T10C22D9P HIMA F3330 AB 1769-IF8 EMERSON KJ3003X1-EA1 HIMA F6705 BentlyNevada 330780-90-00 ABB SDCS-PIN-21 HIMA F7130A
  • General Electric LS2100 Series Model IS215UCVEH2A
    General Electric LS2100 Series Model IS215UCVEH2A May 20, 2023
    Overview General Electric LS2100 Series Model IS215UCVEH2A, is a dual-sided controller and has a number of integrated circuits and features mounted on the board. This model is used to provide one to three PROFIBUS-DP masters for the overall system. Model Number: IS215UCVEH2A Common Revisions: IS215UCVEH2AE, IS215UCVEH2AF Product Type: UC2000V VME Controller Country of Manufacture: United States (USA) Weight: 2 lbs Contact us, we have the most favorable price sales manager : Tiffany Guan   Email: [email protected] Mobile / WhatsApp  : + 86 18030235313 Skype : dddemi33 Choose us------We have professional services Sales department 24/7 hours service. Deal your request for any PLC DCS products promptly, patiently and professionally. Engineering department Ensure that there are no quality problems in the products. All products will be examed before shipment. Financial department Check payment and refund in time. Warehouse department Careful checking the goods listing and careful packing, shipping goods in time. After-sales service department Full-time after-sales service team, under the sales department, the user can put the timely response to service requests. Bently Nevada 330106-05-30-10-02-CN GE IC698RMX016-ED Bently Nevada 330103-00-06-10-01-00 GE IC200ALG620-FD Bently Nevada 330101-00-76-05-01-00 EMERSON A6312/06 Bently Nevada 330130-040-00-CN FOXBORO FCP270 P0917YZ HONEYWELL MC-IOLX02 51304419-150 HIMA F6705 HONEYWELL MC-PAIH03 51304754-150 HIMA F7126 HONEYWELL 80363975-150 HIMA F3236 HONEYWELL 51304516-250 Bently Nevada 84661-6 HONEYWELL MC-PSIM11 51304362-350 Bently Nevada 3500/60 163179-01 HONEYWELL 80363969-150 Bently Nevada 136711-01 HONEYWELL 51304362-150 Bently Nevada 3500/15 127610-01 HONEYWELL MC-TSIM12 51303932-476 Bently Nevada 125840-01 HONEYWELL MC-TDOY22 51204162-175 SIEMENS 6AV3607-1JC20-0AX1 HONEYWELL MU-TAMT03 51309223-125 SIEMENS 6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 HONEYWELL MC-TLPA02 51309204-175 SIEMENS 6ES7317-2FK14-0AB0 HONEYWELL 51201557-350 SIEMENS 6AV6647-0AD11-3AX0 HONEYWELL FC1000B1001 SIEMENS 6ES7314-6CH04-0AB0 HONEYWELL 51402573-250 SIEMENS 6ES7972-0BA52-0XA0 VIBRO METER VM600 CPU M 200-595-100-032 SIEMENS 6ES7953-8LJ20-0AA0 VIBRO METER VM600 IOC N 200-566-000-113 SIEMENS 6ES7307-1EA01-0AA0
  • Happy Mother's Day
    Happy Mother's Day May 13, 2023
    ❤️ Mother’s Day is the day to honor moms for their hard work, care, and love ❤️ Mothers Day Messages This world would never be wonderful if there were not the efforts of our mothers to raise us in the most perfect ways. Happy mothers day. Mother is the best gift to mankind from God. She is worth every admiration and all the gratitude. Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there! Mother’s are the bravest fighters in this world. They are never afraid of taking responsibility. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers in this world. Mother's Day Wishes Wishing you the very best day ever. You deserve it. Wishing you a day that's full of relaxation, love and your favorite dessert. Wishing you a Mother's Day that's as wonderful as you. Wishing you a day as special as you are. Happy Mother's Day. Wishing you all the love and happiness you so deserve. I hope you have a very happy Mother's Day! Wishing you a Mother's Day as fabulous as you MOORE wishes all mothers in the world a happy Mother's Day On this special day, our company offers you a discount ahd gift If you are interested, please contact us Sales manager : Tiffany Guan    Email: [email protected]    Mobile / WhatsApp  : + 86 18030235313   Skype : dddemi33 You can choose from our stock list below or send us your desired model number SIEMENS 6ES7214-1HG31-0XB0 AB 1769-IR6 WESTINGHOUSE 5X00062G01 AB 1756-IF16H Bently Nevada 330103-00-08-10-02-00 AB 1734-OE2C Bently Nevada 330106-05-30-10-02-05 GE 10101/2/1 Bently Nevada 330103-00-05-05-02-00 GE 10100/2/1 HONEYWELL MC-TLPA02 51309204-175 GE 10201/2/1 HONEYWELL MC-TAIH02 51304453-150 GE 10105/2/1 HONEYWELL MC-TDIY22 51204160-175 GE 10209/2/1   HONEYWELL MC-TAIH12 51304337-150 GE 10311/2/1 HONEYWELL MC-TAIH13 51309138-175 GE IC200MDL640H HONEYWELL MC-TDOY22 51204162-175 GE IC200PWR101B HONEYWELL MC-TAOY22 51204172-175 GE IS200ESYSH2A HONEYWELL MC-TAMT03 51309223-175 GE IS200STCIH4A HONEYWELL MC-TAMT04 51305890-175 GE IS200SRTDH2A SIEMENS 6ES7132-1BH00-0XB0 GE IS220PAICH1A SIEMENS 6ES7193-1CH00-0XA0 GE IS220PSCAH1B SIEMENS 6ES7138-7EC00-0AA0 GE IS220PRTDH1A SIEMENS 6ES7221-1BH32-0XB0 GE IS220PRTDH1A SIEMENS 6ES7223-1BL32-0XB0 GE IC693CPU350 Schneider 140DDI85300 BentlyNevada 330130-040-00-00 GE IC697MDL653 BentlyNevada 16710-20 GE IC697BEM711M BentlyNevada 16710-06 GE IC697BEM713G BentlyNevada 330780-90-05 GE IC698RMX016-ED BentlyNevada 330180-92-05 BentlyNevada 3500/15 127610-01 BentlyNevada 330180-X2-05 BentlyNevada 125768-01 BentlyNevada 330180-90-00 BentlyNevada 3500/42M 176449-02 EPRO MMS6210 BentlyNevada 16710-10 EPRO MMS6110
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