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  • Emerson Ovation DCS
    Emerson Ovation DCS March 02, 2024
    Improve Plant Availability with the Ovation DCS Emerson’s five decades of power and water expertise embedded within the Ovation™ distributed control system (DCS) forms a reliable and innovative platform that evolves with rapidly changing technology to help improve plant reliability. In addition to native, advanced applications for optimizing plant operations, Ovation supports integrated vibration monitoring, generator excitation control, SIS, scalable footprints for small or distributed applications, virtualization and embedded simulation. Sales Manager E-mail WhatsApp Skype Sandy +86-18020776786 onlywnn_1 Ovation™ Controller The OCR3000 model is the successor to the Ovation OCR1100 controller. The OCR3000 combines the processor and the IOIC modules into a single module, and provides an interface for up to 16 branches of local I/O. The OCR3000 controller scans all 16 I/O branches in parallel, providing a significant performance increase. Ovation™ I/O Comprehensive suite of I/O modules to support long-term process reliability and expandability Modular plug-in components with applications specific to the power generation and water treatment industries Built-in system diagnostics Single-point DIN rail fastening for easy installation Ovation™ Machinery Health™ Monitor Integrated solution for simplifying and improving prediction and protection of critical rotating assets Fully integrated vibration monitoring on the Ovation platform Continuous online monitoring with detailed vibration waveform, spectrum and machinery health parameters Eliminates costs and risks associated with standalone systems Reduces setup, training, and maintenance costs Related Items we have in stock GE IC200UEX626 MATROX 979-0101 Allen Bradley 1769-IF8 SIEMENS 6ES7336-1HE00-0AB0 SIEMENS 6GK7443-5FX02-0XE0 HONEYWELL TK-PRS021 51404305-375 SHARP JW-214NA GE IC200ALG320J Bachmann NT255 Bachmann PTAI216 METSO IOP345 SIEMENS 6ES7 416-3ER05-0AB0 ABB TC514V2 SIEMENS 6ED1052-1HB00-0BA6 EPRO MMS6312 SIEMENS C98043-A7007-L5-5 Allen Bradley 1766-L32AWAA Allen Bradley 1769-L18ER-BB1B Allen Bradley 2711-NM216 ABB DSQC633 3HAC031851-001/03 ProSoft MVI56E-MNETCR Allen Bradley 1606-XLS960EE WOODWARD EASYGEN-3200-5 8440-2050 Bently Nevada 330130-045-00-CN Allen Bradley 1783-BMS10CGA HITACHI XAGV12H Allen Bradley XM-440 1440-RMA00-04RC Schneider MDM1PSD23B7 Schneider PCB5010B ABB SACE AR1 ABB DSQC664 Fanuc A06B-6089-H106 EPRO PR6423/10R-030 CON021 Allen Bradley 1761-L32AAA Schneider BMH1403P12A2A Modicon TSXP572634M Allen Bradley 1764-LSP SIEMENS A5E00297617 Emerson KJ3204X1-BA1 12P3275X032 VE4002S1T2B5 ABB DSQC627 ABB 07DC92 GJR5252200R0101 Allen Bradley 80026-172-23-R MOX12-P3509B 80026-173-23 HONEYWELL 8C-PAIMA1 51454473-175 EPRO MMS6120 SIEMENS 6GK7 543-1AX00-0XE0 SIEMENS 7MH4950-2AA01 Allen Bradley 1734-TBS Schneider 416NHM30032 SIEMENS 6ES7153-2BA81-0XB0 ABB DSAI155A 3BSE014162R1 DALSA OR-PC20-V0000 WESTERMO ZR-200A
  • Lantern Festival
    Lantern Festival February 24, 2024
    Lantern Festival The Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) Festival, also known as the Shangyuan Festival, the Little First Moon, the New Year's Day,  the New Year's Eve, the Little New Year or the Lantern Festival, also known as the  Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) Festival, the Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) Festival,  the Shangyuan Festival, and the first half of the first month of the Lunar New Year, is a traditional Chinese festival.  The 15th day of the first lunar month every year is the first full moon of the Lunar New Year,  symbolizing the arrival of spring. Chinese people traditionally eat Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival),  enjoy flower lanterns, and guess riddles to celebrate.  This is the last day defined by traditional Chinese New Year, and also the first important holiday after the Spring Festival holiday. Contact :Sandy Lin Email:  WhatsApp: +86-18020776786  |  Skype:  onlywnn_1 website : YOKOGAWA ALF111-S00 S1 Triconex 3805E SIEMENS QRI2B2.B180B1 Triconex 3805EN AB 1756-IM16I Triconex 3806E SIEMENS 6ES7214-2BD23-0XB0 Triconex 4000093-310 SIEMENS 6ES7952-1KK00-0AA0 Triconex 4000093-320 SIEMENS 6AV6647-0AF11-3AX0 Triconex 4000094-310 EMERSON PR6423/010-140 CON021 Triconex 4000098-510 ABB DSDO115A 3BSE018298R1 Triconex 4000103-510 ABB SD823 3BSC610039R1 Triconex 4000103-520 GE IS220UCSAH1A Triconex 4000212-002 GE IS420ESWBH1A   Triconex 4200N GE IS420ESWBH3 Triconex 4201N GE IS420ESWBH2A Triconex 4351A GE IC200ALG320 Triconex 7400206-100 EMERSON HD22020-3 Triconex 7400208-020 SIEMENS 6GK1105-2AE00 BENTLY NEVADA 330105-02-12-15-12-CN Triconex 7400208B-020 BENTLY NEVADA 330104-06-14-50-02-00 Triconex 7400208C-020 BENTLY NEVADA 330130-045-01-CN Triconex 7400209-030 PROFACE GP2301-SC41-24V Triconex 7400213-100 SIEMENS 6GK1901-1BB10-2AE0 Triconex 8300A ICS TRIPLEX T9110 Triconex 9563-810 ICS TRIPLEX T9451 Triconex 9662-110 SIEMENS 6AV2124-1MC01-0AX0  
  • Dragon Year
    Dragon Year February 02, 2024
    Origin of the Spring Festival The Spring Festival is the beginning of the lunar calendar and originated from ancient Chinese agricultural society.  It is closely related to agricultural civilization, sacrificial activities, and the use of the Yin Yang calendar. Legend of the Origin of Festivals Nian Beast, also known as "Nian", is an evil beast in Chinese folk mythology and legends.  It first appeared in a newspaper article titled "Old Records of Shanghai Worm Stories" during the  late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, and was a locked stone in the heavenly realm The animals on the pillar are under the care of Purple Star Lord. According to legend, in ancient times, on New Year's Eve,  ferocious monsters would invade villages and eat people, hence the name Nian Beast. Later, people discovered that there were three Nian beasts Fear, which includes loud noises, red colors, and flames,  has led every household to set off firecrackers, paste Spring Festival couplets, and light lights to scare away New Year beasts.  These habits have gradually become customs during the Chinese New Year. Sales Manager :Tiffany Phone Number : +86 18030235313 Whatsapp :+86 18030235313 SIEMENS 6ES7193-4CF40-0AA0 BENTLY NEVADA 3500/22M 138607-01 SIEMENS 6ES7392-1AM00-0AA0 SIEMENS 6AV3503-1DB10 SIEMENS 6ES7323-1BL00-0AA0 HOENYWELL FC-SDO-0824 V1.2 SIEMENS 6ES7332-5HF00-0AB0 ABB SNAT 7261 SIEMENS 6ES7332-5HD01-0AB0 HONEYWELL 51402573-100 SIEMENS 6ES7332-5HB01-0AB0 MIKROTIK CCR2004-16G-2S+ SIEMENS 6ES7331-7NF00-0AB0 ABB INNIS21 SIEMENS 6ES7153-1AA03-0XB0 P+F NJ4-12GM-N-10M SIEMENS 6ES7407-0KA02-0AA0 HONEYWELL FC-SDI-1624 V1.0 SIEMENS 6ES7414-2XG04-0AB0 HONEYWELL FC-SDO-0824 V1.2 SIEMENS 6ES7431-1KF00-0AB0 HONEYWELL FC-SAI-1620M V1.1 SIEMENS 6ES7431-7KF00-0AB0 EMERSON SDN20-24-100C SIEMENS 6GK7443-1EX11-0XE0 ABB SNAT604IFS BENTLY NEVADA 330180-90-05 HONEYWELL CC-TAOX01 51308351-175 BENTLY NEVADA 330180-51-CN HONEYWELL 05704-A-0145 BENTLY NEVADA 330130-080-00-00 AB 1769-L24ER-QBFCIB BENTLY NEVADA 330101-37-57-10-02-05 AB 1747-L551/C BENTLY NEVADA 330130-080-01-00 AB 1747-L543/C
  • GE IS200TRLYH1BHH Relay Output Terminal Board
    GE IS200TRLYH1BHH Relay Output Terminal Board December 28, 2023
    GE IS200TRLYH1BHH Relay Output Terminal Board Part No.: IS200TRLYH1B Manufacturer: General Electric Country of Manufacture: USA Product Type: Termination Relay Card Series: Mark VIe The IS200TRLYH1B is a Relay Output Terminal Board developed by GE under the Mark VIe series. There are 12 plug-in magnetic relays on the Relay Output with Coil Sensing (TRLY1B) terminal board. The first six relay circuits can be set up with jumpers to drive external solenoids or dry, Form-C contact outputs. For field solenoid power, a basic 125 V dc or 115/230 V ac source or an optional 24 V dc source with personal jumper-selectable fuses and onboard suppression can be offered. The next five relays (7–11) are isolated Form-C contacts that are not powered. An isolated Form-C contact is used on output 12 for specialized uses like ignition transformers. FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION TRLYH1B holds 12 plug-in magnetic relays. The first six relay circuits can be jumpers configured for either dry, Form-C contact outputs, or to drive extermal solenoids. A standard 125 V dc or 115/230 V ac source, or an optional 24 V dc source, with individual jumper selectable fuses and on-board suppression can be provided for field solenoid power. The next five relays (7-11) are unpowered isolated Form-C contacts. Output 12 is an isolated Form C contact, used for special applications such as for ignition transformers. In Mark VI systems, TRLY is controlled by the VCCC or VCRC board. Cables with molded plugs connect the terminal board to the VME rack where the I/O boards are mounted. Simplex and TMR systems are supported. Plug JA1 is used on simplex systems, and plugs JR1, JS1, and JT1 are used for TMR systems. Sales Manager E-mail WhatsApp Skype Sandy 86-18020776786 onlywnn_1 GE UR6AH GE IS200AEBEG1AAB GE UR9WH GE DS200ADMAH1AAC GE URRHH GE IS200TRLYH1BHH GE UR7BH GE DS2020DACAG2 GE UR9NH GE IC698CRE030 GE URSHA GE IC694PSM001 GE UR8LH GE 151X1235BC01SA01 GE UR6BH GE IS2020RKPSG3A GE UR8HH GE DS2020DACAG2 GE UR8FH GE 20X4584-10A
  • Allen-Bradley 20-750-ENC-1 Single Incremental Encoder Module
    Allen-Bradley 20-750-ENC-1 Single Incremental Encoder Module December 23, 2023
    Allen-Bradley 20-750-ENC-1 Single Incremental Encoder Module The 20-750-ENC-1 is an incremental encoder module. This module is used with the PowerFlex 753, PowerFlex 755, PowerFlex 755TL and PowerFlex 755TR. It supports single ended or differential operation and constant current sink operation. It has a maximum input operating voltage of 5V DC min to 15V DC, sourcing, 10 mA. The Allen-Bradley 20-750-ENC-1 is an incremental encoder module that is used in compatibility with The PowerFlex 753, PowerFlex 755, PowerFlex 755TL and PowerFlex 755TR adjustable frequency AC drives. This encoder module provides the capability of implementing loop positioning control which is one of the supported control capability of the PowerFlex 700 class drives. Sales Manager E-mail WhatsApp Skype Sandy 86-18020776786 onlywnn_1 Compatible Drives: PowerFlex 753, PowerFlex 755, PowerFlex 755TL, PowerFlex 755TR Operating mode: Single-channel mode; Dual channel mode Maximum Input Frequency 250 kHz Maximum cable length @ 12VDC 183 m (600 ft) Maximum cable length @ 5VDC 30 m (100 ft) External power supported Current consumption 250 mA Maximum high-state voltage 0.4 VDC Minimum high state voltage 3.5 VDC Input voltage: 5-15VDC Part Number 20-750-ENC-1 Product Family PowerFlex 750 Description Incremental encoder module Brand Allen-Bradley Product Type Incremental Encoder Card Manufacturer Rockwell Automation Used with Powerflex 755 Power 24V DC Sales Manager E-mail WhatsApp Skype Sandy 86-18020776786 onlywnn_1 OTHER PRODUCT ABB YPP109A YT204001-HS BENTLY 330180-50-00 AB 74101-774-54 1336T-MCB-SP518 AB 2711P-RP8D ABB YPQ201A YT204001-KA/5 EPRO PR6424/000-130 CON021 AB 1746-OW16 EPRO PR6423/003-130 CON021 Vipa 315-2AG12 SIEMENS 6ES7531-7KF00-0AB0 EMERSON A6500-CC SIEMENS 6GK5005-0BA00-1AB2 ABB AFPS-61C SIEMENS 6ES7235-0KD22-0XA0 BENTLY 330130-040-00-CN SIEMENS 6ES7195-7HD10-0XA0 BENTLY 330130-080-00-00 SIEMENS 6ES7195-7HB00-0XA0 BENTLY 330130-040-00-00 SIEMENS 6ES7317-2EK14-0AB0 BENTLY 330130-040-01-00 SIEMENS 6ES7331-7KB02-0AB0 BENTLY 330130-045-00-00 SIEMENS 6ES7972-0BA52-0XA0 BENTLY 330130-085-00-00 SIEMENS 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0 BENTLY 330130-080-00-CN SIEMENS 6SL3055-0AA00-2TA0 BENTLY 330130-085-00-CN SIEMENS 6ES7195-7HD80-0XA0 BENTLY 330130-045-00-CN SIEMENS 6ES7654-7HY00-0XA0 BENTLY 330130-085-01-00 SIEMENS 6ES7153-2BA70-0XB0 BENTLY 330130-080-00-05 SIEMENS 6ES7197-1LB00-0XA0 BENTLY 330130-045-00-05 Triconex 3601E BENTLY 330130-040-02-00 ABB YPP109A YT204001-HS BENTLY 330130-040-01-CN BENTLY 330130-040-00-05
  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas December 16, 2023
    Christmas Christmas, also known as "Christ Mass" in English. Sometimes referred to as "Xmas", but many people often mistake it for "X'mas". "X" is a Greek letter“ Χ "(Chi)" is Greek for "Christ" Χριστός The first letter of (Christos). It is a common misunderstanding to downplay the religious color of Christmas with "Xmas". The Dutch name is similar to English, called Kerstmis, often shortened to Kerst, Spanish called Navidad, Portuguese called Natal, and Polish called Bo ż E Narodzenie, also known as No ë l in French, Natale in Italian, and Nadal in Catalan, means "birth" and more clearly reflects the meaning of Christmas. In contrast, the German name is Weihnachten, which means "sacred night.". The term "Christmas" used in Chinese is generally believed to be a missionary term used by missionaries in China during the late Qing Dynasty, because Jesus was a Western saint, and in Chinese folk beliefs, the birthday of any deity can be called Christmas. Therefore, this holiday is translated as Chr Sales Manager E-mail WhatsApp Skype Sandy 86-18020776786 onlywnn_1 SIEMENS 6ES7431-1KF00-0AB0 ABB HESG448230R1/G 216EA61b SIEMENS 6ES7322-1BL00-0AA0 ABB HESG324063R100/G 216DB61 SIEMENS 6ES7322-1BH01-0AA0 ENTEK 6682 EC6682 SIEMENS 6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 HONEYWELL 05701-A-0361 SIEMENS 6ES7322-1BF01-0AA0 VIBRO METER VM600 IOC4T 200-560-000-111 SIEMENS 6GK7342-5DA02-0XE0 WOODWARD 9907-205 SIEMENS 6ES7193-6BP00-0DA0 ENTEK EY-6691 SETX2 SUPPLY SIEMENS 6AV6642-0BA01-1AX0 HONEYWELL 05701-A-0361 SIEMENS 6ES7131-4BD01-0AA0 VIBRO METER VM600 IOC4T 200-560-000-111 SIEMENS 6ES7131-6BH01-0BA0 WOODWARD 9907-205 SIEMENS 6ES7131-4BF00-0AA0 ABB HESG448230R1/G 216EA61b SIEMENS 6ES7132-4BD02-0AA0 ABB HESG324063R100/G 216DB61 SIEMENS 6ES7132-6BH00-0AA0 ENTEK C6682 EC6682 SIEMENS 6ES7134-4GB01-0AB0 AB 74101-954-53(1336T-GT3EN) SIEMENS 6ES7134-4GB11-0AB0 AB 74101-772-54(1336T-MCB-SP51B EMERSON A6500-UM ABB RET670 1MRK002816-AA HOLLEYWELL 10024/I/I ABB RET670 1MRK004816-AB HOLLEYWELL 10024/H/F AB 1756-EN2T HOLLEYWELL 10216/2/1 EPRO PR6425/010-100 CON021 HOLLEYWELL 10105/2/1 EPRO PR6424/010-040 CON021 HOLLEYWELL 10005/1/1 EPRO PR6423/011-130 CON021 HOLLEYWELL 10001/R/1 EPRO PR6423/014-040 CON021 HOLLEYWELL 10001/A/1 HONEYWELL 8C-PDIL51 51454359-175 HOLLEYWELL 8C-PDIL51 51454359-175 ABB 1MRK000614-ABR02 GE 20X4584-10A 20X4584A4 20X4584A4SR EMERSON KJ2221X1-BA1 12P3232X112 VS6002 GE IS200AEBEG1AAB HIMA F7131 HONEYWELL 10018/E/1 WOODWARD 9907-252 HONEYWELL 10024/I/I HONEYWELL 10310/2/1 HONEYWELL 10001/R/1 HONEYWELL 10005/1/1
  • Bently Nevada 3500/61 163179-02 Temperature Monitor
    Bently Nevada 3500/61 163179-02 Temperature Monitor December 09, 2023
    Bently Nevada 3500/61 163179-02 Temperature Monitor Features: (6) Channels of Temperature Monitoring Ttemperature Inputs: Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) and Thermocouple (TC) Recorder Outputs for each Channel (3500/61) RTD/TC Non-Isolated or TC Isolated Versions Description: The 3500/60 & 61 modules provide six channels oftemperature monitoring and accept both ResistanceTemperature Detector (RTD) and Thermocouple (TC)temperature inputs. The modules condition these inputsand compare them against user-programmable alarmsetpoints. The 3500/60 and 3500/61 provide identicalfunctionality except that the 3500/61 provides recorderoutputs for each of its six channels while the 3500/60 doesnot The user programs the modules to perform either RTD orTC temperature measurements using the 3500 RackConfiguration Software. Different I/O modules areavailable in RTD/TC non-isolated or TC isolated versions. The user can configure the RTD/TC non-isolated version toaccept either TC or RTD, or a mixture of TC and RTD inputs. The TC isolated version provides 250 Vdc of channel-tochannel isolation to protect against external interference. Sales Manager :Sandy Lin Email Phone :+86 18020776786 Bently Nevada 330105-02-12-05-02-05 Bently Nevada 330100-90-00 Bently Nevada 330130-080-01-CN Bently Nevada 3500/15 127610-01 Bently Nevada 330500-02-00 Bently Nevada 330500-02-00 Bently Nevada 330500-02-04 Bently Nevada 200350-02-00-CN Bently Nevada 128229-01 Bently Nevada 330180-91-CN Bently Nevada 172103-01 Bently Nevada 990-04-50-01-00 Bently Nevada 133442-01 Bently Nevada 330105-02-12-15-02-CN Bently Nevada 3500/42M 176449-02 Bently Nevada 330102-00-40-10-02-00 Bently Nevada 3500/33 149986-01 Bently Nevada 330103-00-08-10-02-00 Bently Nevada 3500/22M 138607-01 Bently Nevada 330106-05-30-10-02-CN Bently Nevada 3500/65 145988-02 Bently Nevada 109548-01 P1407030-00100 Bently Nevada 330500-02-00 Bently Nevada 330130-040-00-00 Bently Nevada 330106-05-30-05-02-00 Bently Nevada 3500/40M 176449-01 Bently Nevada 330180-50-00 Bently Nevada 3500/53 133388-01 Bently Nevada 330180-51-00 Bently Nevada 133396-01 Bently Nevada 330104-00-15-10-02-00 Bently Nevada 125680-01 Bently Nevada 330103-00-06-10-02-CN Bently Nevada 3500/40M 176449-01 Bently Nevada 330500-02-00 Bently Nevada 3500/53 133388-01 Bently Nevada 330106-05-30-05-02-00 Bently Nevada 133396-01 Bently Nevada 330180-50-00 Bently Nevada 125680-01 Bently Nevada 330180-51-00 Bently Nevada 330103-00-06-10-02-CN Bently Nevada 330104-00-15-10-02-00 Bently Nevada 330130-040-00-00
  • Schneider electrical components
    Schneider electrical components November 30, 2023
    Schneider Electric Schneider Electric SE is a French multinational company that specializes in digital automation and energy management. It addresses homes,buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services. Schneider Electric is a Fortune Global 500 company, publicly traded on the Euronext Exchange, and is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. In fiscal year 2022, the company posted revenues of €34.2 billion. Schneider Electric is the parent company of Square D, APC, and others. It is also a research company. Advantage series 1) Quantum 140 series : Modicon M340 2)Modicon Premium : CPU Processor Module、Communication module,etc Explore now : Sales Manager:Tiffany Email Skype: dddemi33 Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18030235313 Schneider Electric 140CPU53414A Schneider Electric TSXAEY414 Schneider Electric 140ACO13000 Schneider Electric 140CRP93100 Schneider Electric 140NOE77100 Schneider Electric 140ACO02000 Schneider Electric 990XCP98000 Schneider Electric 140ATI03000 Schneider Electric 140DDI85300 Schneider Electric 140CHS11000 Schneider Electric 140CPU67060 Schneider Electric 140CPU43412 Schneider Electric TSXP47455 Schneider Electric 140CRA93100 CRA931 Schneider Electric 140DDM39000 Schneider Electric 140CRP93200 Schneider Electric 140DDO84300C Schneider Electric 140DAI74000 Schneider Electric 140DSI35300 Schneider Electric 140NOE77101 Schneider Electric MPCYT90NAN00N Schneider Electric 140NOM21200 Schneider Electric 416NHM30030A Schneider Electric 140ARI03010 Schneider Electric 140ACI03000C Schneider Electric 140DDO35300 Schneider Electric 140CPS12420C Schneider Electric 140DDI35300 Schneider Electric 140XCP50000 Schneider Electric 140CPU67160 Schneider Electric 140XCP51000 Schneider Electric 140XTS00200 Schneider Electric 140CRP93200C Schneider Electric 140ACI03000 Schneider Electric 140ACI04000C Schneider Electric VDM01D10AA00 MC-4/11/10/400 Schneider Electric 140CPU65150C Schneider Electric R911 AS-S911-003 Schneider Electric BMH1403P11A2A Schneider Electric 490NRP25400
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