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MVI69E-MBS ProSoft Revere Electric Supply

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    Revere Electric Supply

MVI69E MBS UM - ProSoft

Modbus Serial Enhanced Communication Module


The MVI69E-MBS Modbus Serial module for CompactLogix™ is designed for all applications requiring Modbus Serial connectivity. This module comes with an Add-on Profile and an Add-on Instruction to reduce commissioning time. The MVI69E-MBS has two serial ports and can support both Master and/or Slave connectivity to interface with a variety of devices using the Modbus Protocol.

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Features and Benefits

Supports CompactLogix processors with 1769 I/O bus capability version 16 and greater (MicroLogix 1500 not supported)
Add-on Instruction creates UDTs, providing logical definitions for I/O, status, and control data
Add-on Profile support, improving integration in the CompactLogix System
Diagnostic data available in processor controller tags, enabling decisions to be made based upon node health

Module configuration backed up in CompactLogix project (ACD file)
Module acts as a co-processor reducing impact to PLC scan time
Supports up to 10,000 words of data
Supports up to 250 Modbus Commands per port
Each port can be configured individually as a Modbus Master or Modbus Slave device
Supports Enron and Daniel-style Floating point data implementations
Suitable for SCADA and field device interface applications


ProSoft Configuration Builder

I/O Size

60/120/240 - 16 bit integers



Baud Rate: 110 to 115K baud

Stop Bits: 1 or 2

Data size: 7 or 8 Bits

Parity: None, Even, Odd

RTS Timing delays: O to 65535 milliseconds

General Information




New and Original with One year Warranty

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